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From our unique position in the North America Coca-Cola bottling system, CCBSS offers a high degree of specific bottling industry expertise and highly effective, efficient solutions.

We help our bottler owners, bottler-owned production cooperatives, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit and other participating beverage partners realize higher ROI, promote strategic innovation and generate measurable, repeatable results.

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Customer Business Solutions (CBS)

Curious about how Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit’s largest customers offer consistent products and brand experience regardless of location? It’s CBS! Our team integrates data with service, providing one point of contact for trade programs, transaction processing and other data-related operations.

Our goal at CBS is make it easier to do business with the large, multi-franchise Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit system. By providing one voice and one ‘face’ to customers, we ensure a positive, smooth experience.

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Customer Care Center (CCC)

We help our bottler clients achieve their sales objectives by leading sales strategies, providing insights to support growth, driving customer retention and executing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. We also take care of everyday account- and equipment-related issues and work to create productive relationships.

Our call center provides exceptional customer engagement and accessibility. We’re often the first point of contact for our bottlers’ customers, and we are committed to providing lasting solutions to their customer service issues.

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Finance Services

Our bottler clients rely on us to help them achieve their cost objectives, resolve cash- and cost-related issues and create practical solutions and process improvements. This support enables the bottlers we serve to spend more time focusing on other priorities, including market growth.

Our team acts as an extension of our clients’ finance organizations. We provide quality customer service in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

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HR Services

Our HR team ensures that our bottler clients have the right people in the right roles. We implement the HR practices and procedures of our bottlers, consult with key client contacts, manage payroll operations, evaluate organization structure and recruit new employees for our bottlers.

Our HR Services team is dedicated to creating an excellent experience for employees of our bottler clients. This includes delivering not only operational HR processes and programs, but also developing overarching strategies to ensure employee success.

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IT Services

At CCBSS, technology services are much more than mere support — they strengthen our evolving network of bottlers and enhance a changing marketplace. Our team provides stable, reliable, secure and cost-effective IT services every day, ensuring data integrity and enabling our stakeholders to efficiently make decisions and manage information.

Our team is responsible for understanding new technologies, trends and overall changes in the IT arena so we can bring opportunities for continuous improvement to leadership and help plan for ongoing transformation.

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Procurement Services

Our procurement team strategically sources specific categories of products and services on behalf of the Coca-Cola bottling system in North America. Our bottler owners agree to purchase these items through CCBSS contracts, so our negotiating power is vital to their success.

We are strategic partners to suppliers and bottlers, working globally not only on day-to-day delivery of materials but also on innovation and sustainability.

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