Finance Services

Our CCBSS Finance Services team is responsible for end-to-end financial support of our bottler clients — from the moment a new Coca-Cola customer is sold, to the recording of all financial transactions.

We work in four main areas: accounts receivable; procure-to-pay invoice processing and operational procurement; record-to-report, which includes traditional accounting functions and tax services; and pricing. We use an innovative hybrid model, working with an outsourced partner on several specialized finance services, which keeps our costs low.

Our bottler clients rely on us to help them achieve their cost objectives, resolve cash- and cost-related issues and create practical solutions and process improvements. This support enables the bottlers we serve to spend more time focusing on other priorities, including market growth, while we focus on the “back office” finance work.

For those interested in finance, working on our team offers a broad look at the financial operations of the Coca-Cola bottling system in North America and exposure to cutting-edge automation and technology tools that drive key data sets and decision points for bottlers. On a daily basis, we are consulting with business managers in the field, managing the financial transactions, designing credit and collections strategies, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our team acts as an extension of our clients’ finance organizations. We provide quality customer service in an innovative, cost-effective manner.

Our Services & Offerings

Our Finance Services organization is responsible for the controls, processing and completion of GAAP compliant accounting practices for the bottling companies we serve. We are committed to placing the right people in the right place to implement the overall business strategy of our clients.

AP-INVOICE PROCESSINGManages the processing of supplier invoices and payments for direct and indirect purchases
AR-CREDIT APPLICATIONSManages the evaluation of creditworthiness and the extension of new customer credits as well as other credit-related services
COLLECTIONSManages the collection of accounts receivable and provides customer analysis
COST ACCOUNTING COEManages the financial accounting and business process expertise in all areas of manufacturing, transportation, fleet accounting, inventory support and material master data
CUSTOMER MASTER DATAManages the creation and update of customer/outlet master data, processes planned equipment activities, ensures compliance of customer Resale Tax Exemption certificates and utilizes data quality tools to identify data defects leveraging data quality queries, control plans and root cause analysis
DISPUTE MANAGEMENT/DEDUCTIONSManages and processes deductions, collaborates and engages with customer and/or sales for resolution, and performs root cause analysis and reporting
EQUIPMENT CONTROLManages the settlement of work orders, provides rental contract administration, manages client billing and maintains the book of record for equipment locations
FULL-SERVICE VEND RATES AND COMMISSIONSManages the administration of vend rates, commission accruals and payments
GENERAL ACCOUNTING COEManages and provides business process expertise
ON-INVOICE PRICINGManages the creation of pricing activities for all customers
OFF-INVOICE PRICINGGenerates and manages accruals for off-invoice marketing agreements
PTP-PROCUREMENTSupports clients with purchasing policies and sourcing decisions for goods and services as well as executes transactional purchasing tasks
ROUTE SETTLEMENTProvides route settlement collaboration
TAX ACCOUNTING COEProvides statutory and financial accounting process expertise