Customer Business Solutions

Curious about how Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit’s largest customers offer consistent products and brand experience regardless of location? It’s the CCBSS Customer Business Solutions (CBS) team!

What we provide is unique to the Coca-Cola system. Our team integrates data with service, providing one point of contact for trade programs, transaction processing and other data-related operations.

For example, we provide niche business services such as EDI-enabled product order management, cashless vending and consolidating invoicing. These services enable seamless coordination between sales teams, Coca-Cola bottlers and 1,500+ national and regional customers.

For bottlers, we manage finance-related activities, such as cross-entity payments and customer invoicing for select customers. For Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit (NAOU), we provide systems and services that facilitate standardized and efficient data exchange with the bottler network.

Our goal is to help the Coca-Cola system win, whether by driving productivity, improving quality of service or implementing new tools and technology. We are focused on being extremely responsive and accurate, and communicating clearly to our broad variety of stakeholders. We are always seeking ways to help our team members innovate, learn and grow.

At CBS, we endeavor to make it easier to do business with the large, multi-franchise Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit system. By providing one voice and one face’ to customers, we ensure a positive, smooth experience.”

Our Services & Offerings

CBS provides customer-oriented services that focus on the onboarding of customers, management of day-to-day transactions, and overall data governance and reporting.

ARTM: ALTERNATIVE ROUTES TO MARKET (ARTM)Manages financial payments/disbursements
CBS EXCHANGEServes as agents for sales
CIS: CONSOLIDATED INVOICE SERVICESServes as agents providing invoicing, accounts receivables (AR), accounts payables (AP) and collections for select customers and distributors
CPACT: CUSTOMER PROGRAM APPROVAL & COMMUNICATION TOOLFacilitates governance and communicates contractual terms and funding of customer programs
CUSTOMER GOVERNANCE SUPPORTSupports overall customer governance processes through active participation in Coca-Cola system governance meetings
CUSTOMER ONBOARDINGLeads the implementation and project management of new and existing customers on CCBSS-managed ARTM and CIS services
POM-DSD EDI (PRODUCT ORDER MANAGEMENT – DSD EDI)Performs daily monitoring of specific systems and transactions, investigates errors and communicates with stakeholders
PRICING COMMUNICATION & SUPPORT (CPA – CUSTOMER PRICING; ACCRUALS, GOVERNANCE INVOICE SERVICES, PRICE MONITORING)Facilitates governance and automated communication of approved pricing between customer teams and bottlers
PRODUCT ORDER MANAGEMENT (POM) – CLUB STORESWorks with bottlers’ product supply systems to ensure orders are fulfilled within the appropriate supply chain systems
PRODUCT ORDER MANAGEMENT (POM) – ARTMServes as agents for sales/orders for participating bottlers
SWIPE CASHLESS SOLUTIONSEnables bottlers to be able to accept cashless payments
CHG: CUSTOMER HIERARCHY GROUPOrganizes retail customers’ store and outlet data
BOTTLER DATACollects, validates and analyzes invoice-level sales from bottlers
DISTRIBUTOR DATACollects, validates and analyzes secondary sales
FP&A SOLUTIONSDevelops and supports reporting tools related to bottler forecasting and planning
REPORTING DEVELOPMENTDevelopment of enhancements to self-service tools
REPORTING SERVICESProvides support and training for technology tools
RETAILER DATACollects, validates and analyzes point-of-sale data from customers for stakeholders