What does “procurement” bring to mind? Savings. Economies of scale. Supply management. At CCBSS, our Procurement Services team is involved in all of those areas, plus many more. We take a strategic approach, working with our suppliers and customers not only on day-to-day delivery of materials but also innovation and sustainability.

Our procurement team strategically sources specific categories of products and services on behalf of the Coca-Cola bottling system in North America. We navigate many external volatilities, from pricing and increased consumer expectations to political impacts and natural disasters. Our overall procurement strategies cover billion-dollar categories such as packaging and ingredients, transportation, merchandising materials, coolers and beverage cases, fleet and production equipment.

We are proud to be the technical experts in the diverse categories we manage — not only knowledgeable about how the categories are behaving now but also projecting three to five years in the future. As would be expected, we are also expert negotiators. Our bottler owners agree to purchase these items through CCBSS contracts, so our negotiating power is vital to their success.

In the procurement field, we are known for being growth-oriented and an employer of choice. We strive to be leaders and work with the very best in the industry.

CCBSS is committed to supplier diversity by maximizing procurement opportunities and proactively engaging and building partnerships with diverse suppliers.

We believe that including our customers and consumers in our procurement strategy will help develop stronger local communities and create long-term growth and a competitive advantage for the Coca-Cola system. We will remain committed to our quest to maximize opportunities for diverse suppliers which furthers our promise to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business.

We will continue to successfully cultivate diverse suppliers and ensure their sustainability within our North American supply chain for the numerous products and services we use every day. Our category management teams utilize a strategic sourcing process that actively engages our stakeholders every step of the way to leverage the substantial buying power of the system. The role of CCBSS Procurement is to navigate the external marketplace, channels and categories as well as supplier insights to solve client needs.

We are strategic partners to suppliers and bottlers, working globally not only on day-to-day delivery of materials but also on innovation and sustainability.”

Our Services & Offerings

The CCBSS Procurement organization is the procurement agent that strategically sources and negotiates on behalf of the North America Coca-Cola bottling system. We procure over 150 categories of goods and services that are used in the manufacturing, supply and marketing of refreshing beverages across the Coca-Cola system.

CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, STRATEGY AND 3RD PARTY ENGAGEMENTIncludes DMR, Procurement Tools, Reporting and Analytics
CLIENT RELATIONSBottler Liaisons Facilitate Communication and Process Alignment Between the Procurement Organizations at the Bottlers, CCNA and CCBSS Procurement
COMMODITY RISK MANAGEMENT & INGREDIENTS (SWEETENERS & RISK MANAGEMENT)Includes Commodity Market Forecasts, Risk Management Consulting, Physical Energy Procurement and Market Updates
COMMERCIALIncludes Cold Drink Equipment & Parts, Coolers, Fountain Equipment, Vending and Ambient Merchandise Equipment
PACKAGINGIncludes Plastics, Metals and General Packaging, and Pet Procurement
MANUFACTURING AND FLEX INDIRECTIncludes Production Equipment, MRO, Quality, Health and Safety Equipment