Every day, our IT team offers innovative technology solutions that support our own internal CCBSS associates as well as our bottlers’ operations. But our solutions and support also translate into a higher purpose — to strengthen the Coca-Cola bottling system in North America’s changing marketplace.

By providing stable, reliable, secure and cost-effective shared IT services, we support our network of bottlers as they focus on what they do best. We provide them with the right level of technology, coordinate and manage the technology complexities of the bottling system, mitigate risk through aggressive cybersecurity and enable a cohesive technology strategy for all.

For our associates, working in CCBSS IT offers exposure to new technology and innovation, best practices, skill development, cross-training and visibility as we coordinate technology solutions and develop relationships with our stakeholders.

Our team is responsible for understanding new technologies, trends and overall changes in the IT arena so we can bring opportunities for continuous improvement to leadership and help plan for ongoing transformation.”

Our Services & Offerings

CCBSS IT provides stable, reliable, secure and cost-effective shared IT services. This team helps our network mitigate risk and enable a cohesive technology strategy for all stakeholders.

APPLICATION SERVICESProvides support for a number of systems used by various stakeholders
CYBER SECURITYLeverages leading information security techniques, capabilities, and practices to maintain secure operations
EDI (ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE)Electronic exchange of business documents and transactions in support of daily operations across various stakeholders
IT ARCHITECTUREDefines the IT architecture, vision, strategy, and standards required for CCBSS to operate
IT OPERATIONSManages IT cloud infrastructure, network, service desk and field IT services
SAP SECURITY GOVERNANCEProvides oversight, audit, and compliance services to ensure appropriate levels of access to various SAP platforms
SECURITYProvides access management services