Customer Care Center

In a Coca-Cola bottling system as large and complex as the one in North America, it’s imperative that our bottlers’ customers — and their customers — feel supported and appreciated. The CCBSS Customer Care Center (CCC) team does just that, providing a high level of customer engagement and a positive customer experience when they have questions or concerns.

As the provider of shared contact center services for specific bottlers in North America, our call center is focused in two areas: sales support, which includes beverage sales and account management, for the bottlers; and equipment support for their customers.

On a strategic level, we help our bottler clients achieve their sales objectives by leading sales strategies, providing insights to support growth, driving customer retention and executing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. On a more tactical front, we take care of everyday account- and equipment-related issues and work to create productive relationships.

We are an extremely tech-forward organization, acknowledging that most customers prefer a range of options for service, from the traditional phone channel to chat, mobile app and self-service help. We specialize in contact center services, so our bottlers don’t have to.

Obviously, members of our team are all very service-oriented and helpful. Working in our area means customer interaction, all day, every day.

Our call center provides exceptional customer engagement and accessibility. We’re often the first point of contact for our bottlers’ customers, and we are committed to providing lasting solutions to their customer service issues.”

Our Services & Offerings

Our CCC organization is committed to a value-added integration with our clients’ teams, while providing a seamless customer experience for all. We focus on profitable growth — delivering consistent value and resolving customer issues through a highly accessible multichannel environment — and measure all that we do with a view toward constant process improvement.

EQUIPMENT – DISPATCH OPERATIONSProvides reactive dispatch services for equipment in response to a customer, consumer or employee-initiated service request
EQUIPMENT – SALES SUPPORT (INSTALLS & REMOVALS)Provides the scheduling/coordination support for planned equipment activity inclusive of placements, moves and removals
INSIDE SALES (DS ORDER FULFILLMENT)Manages activities via a contact center for inbound and outbound sales
TARGETED SALES (CUSTOMER SERVICE TICKET)Manages proactive/preventive retention services
REACTIVE SERVICE/ESSReceives incoming calls to record reactive service requests from customers and field personnel